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About Harriet Bush


Welcome to Harriet Bush – a platform for mind and body. I'm Harriet, and I'm passionate about connecting people with the tools and resources they need to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.


Whether it’s through one of my range of therapies, online courses or virtual studio, I'm here to help you find a balance in life that works for you. I also have a physical studio in the Somerton, Somerset where I offer 1-2-1 sessions plus classes to help you reach your goals. I look forward to helping you on your journey. Find out more

I am the founder and creator of Harriet Bush Mind & Body and more recently Virtual Harriet. I am passionate about helping clients, friends, family to reach their wellbeing goals, mainly through pilates, movement, meditation, breath work, emotional rebalancing and naturopathy.

As a mother to 3 energetic boys (Raffety 13, Otto 11 and Zebedee 7)

and married to Charlie, I need to keep fit and healthy and have plenty of energy. I achieve this through a healthy diet, regular exercise routine and allowing myself time for emotional check ins. All of which is available via Virtual Harriet.


My holistic journey began in 1995 when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I was 18 years old and he was only 48 and this totally shook my world. As family we supported him by exploring different therapies, we grew wheatgrass, he started Pilates, learnt to meditate, he lay on a magnetic mat everyday, improved his diet, had regular massages plus more. He met every medical challenge head on, and he had the most incredible positive mental strength, which is something I will always aspire to. The difference the Complementary therapies and movement had on his overall wellbeing was so impressive it inspired me to train as a Naturopath and Pilates Instructor, which has positively influenced my lifestyle ever since. 


After he died in 2003 I studied Naturopathy for 3 years at the Australian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney and then worked for the next 3 years gaining vast experience in the health industry in the city centre and Bondi. I was fortunate during these years to have time to grieve his loss and time to explore different ways to find inner calm and most importantly ‘self love’. It was at this time of 28 years old that I met my soul mate and husband, Charlie.


Between 2008-2023 we lived in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire where I had our 3 boys and set up home on the family estate, Gisburne Park. During this time I qualified as a Pilates Instructor with the prestigious Stott Pilates and then I ran a home Pilates studio focussing on group classes, 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 Pilates sessions using mat work, reformer and stability chair. Plus sports massage, Naturopathic consultations, which not only look at diet and nutrition but also emotions, lifestyle; all the pillars of health to bring about positive and long-lasting changes. Meditation and Breathwork have always be at the forefront of my practices but my final modality to mention is Community/Connection. I never imagined that this would be so special and probably the most important part of my work, creating a safe space for clients to talk, share their stories and through movement and talking I have been able to witness some of the most incredible shifts for clients and this is something I am so grateful for and proud of.

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