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DEEP Tissue

Perfect for tired and overworked muscles, whether from work, stress, illness, sport/exercise or lifestyle. This massage involves a deep pressure, which is releasing and will leave you with more movement in your body, less tension and a feeling of ‘light’.

HOT Stones

A deeply relaxing and soothing experience, this treatment involves the right combination of hot basalt stones with essential oils, for a relaxed mind and reinvigorated body.

A Mix

Tailor made to you and your exact needs. This is definitely the most popular and can be a mixture of Deep Tissue and Relaxation massages, typically relaxation for most of the body but using deep tissue techniques for the back neck and shoulders.

RELAX & Unwind

A smoother, gentler massage than above. Helps relieve muscular tension, improve range of motion and restore balance in both the mind and body.

PRE & Post Natal

A wonderful full body massage for mums-to-be, helping to reduce tension in the body as the baby grows and calms the mind as the due date beckons. Postnatal massage focuses on strengthening the muscles and tissues that have been altered during pregnancy, so that your body regains its strength naturally. Plus a window of relaxation that is solely for Mum!

60mins £50pp or £45pp (2+)

75mins £60pp or £55pp (2+)

90mins £70pp or £65pp (2+)

Add £10 for Hot Stones 


I use organic aromatherapy blends for the massages unless a base oil is required.

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