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Reformer Pilates Classes For All Abilities


Online Reformer Pilates

Discover the transformative power of Reformer Pilates with Harriet Bush, all from the comfort of your own living room through Virtual Harriet. Dive into the world of best online reformer Pilates classes designed to elevate your well-being and enhance your fitness journey. Alternatively I offer one to one face to face sessions in my studio in Somerset.


Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. It consists of controlled movements that enhance your balance, core strength, mobility, flexibility, mood, body awareness, posture, breathing and more. I trained with the prestigious Stott Pilates in London and offer Mat Work and Reformer/Stability Chair plus light equipment. 


How to access my Reformer Pilates;


  • Virtual Harriet - online membership including live classes

  • Private Studio - DM for more details

  • Pop Up Pilates - for more information see social media


My aim is to raise your energy and vibration, connect you to your mind and body so you can achieve your highest potential and become the best and strongest you. Plus have fun!

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Elevate Your Wellness With Online Reformer Pilates 


What is Reformer Pilates?

Reformer Pilates is a dynamic and innovative approach to traditional Pilates exercises. It involves the use of a specialised piece of equipment called a reformer, a bed-like frame with a moving carriage. The reformer provides resistance using springs and straps, adding an extra dimension to your Pilates routine.


Reformer Pilates Equipment and Its Role:


To engage in Virtual Harriet's online reformer Pilates classes, you need a reformer, a versatile piece of equipment designed to enhance your Pilates practice. The reformer's moving carriage, springs, and straps offer resistance and support, allowing for a wide range of exercises that target various muscle groups.

Advantages of Reformer Pilates

Increased Resistance


The reformer adds resistance to your movements, enhancing muscle engagement and strength building.



The reformer's design allows for a diverse range of exercises, promoting flexibility, balance, and overall body conditioning.

Targeted Muscle Activation


Precision in movements on the reformer ensures targeted activation of specific muscle groups for optimal results.

Enhanced Core Strength


Reformer Pilates places a significant emphasis on core engagement, leading to improved core strength and stability.

Online Reformer Pilates with Virtual Harriet


Harriet Bush's online reformer Pilates classes bring the benefits of this transformative practice directly to your living room. With a Virtual Harriet membership, you gain access to the best online reformer Pilates classes, all tailored to suit various fitness levels and goals.

Benefits of Virtual Harriet



Attend classes at a time that suits your schedule, providing the flexibility to prioritise your well-being.

Membership Access


A Virtual Harriet membership unlocks a wealth of wellness resources, creating a supportive community and fostering overall well-being.


Benefits of Harriet's Reformer Pilates Classes:

Expert Guidance


Harriet's expertise ensures precise and effective execution of reformer Pilates exercises.

Tailored Workouts


Classes cater to various fitness levels, offering a personalised approach to achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

Community Connection


Join a thriving virtual community, share your journey, and connect with like-minded individuals on the path to holistic well-being.


Elevate your fitness journey with the best online reformer Pilates classes at Virtual Harriet. With Harriet's expert guidance, state-of-the-art reformer Pilates sessions, and the convenience of online accessibility, you can embark on a transformative wellness experience tailored to your unique goals, all within the vibrant and supportive community of Virtual Harriet. Start your online reformer Pilates journey today by becoming a member of Virtual Harriet.

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