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Dry Sauna

Past Retreats

Journey to Joy Retreat

February 2024


Harriet's last retreat was highly praised by everyone who attended, scoring 5/5 in all areas of feedback.  It was described as very well organised, informative and fun and clients left feeling relaxed and energised. The retreat offered a variety of pilates and yoga classes, interesting workshops, where you had the opportunity to try something new; sound healing, breath work, cold water immersion, journaling, neural flossing, nutrition talk and more. The venue and location of the retreat was stunning, providing a beautiful backdrop for all the activities and the spa was extremely popular.


“I attended one of Harriet’s residential retreats and wow, it was amazing! From fantastic classes and wonderful food to meeting some lovely ladies, I felt so pampered and looked after and learnt so much, all in a stunning location. I 100% recommend treating yourself to this retreat, a chance to escape life's stresses and strains for a while – thanks Harriet :)”.

Participants appreciated the attention to detail and the top-notch service provided by Harriet and her team. The food served during the retreat by Carlie was described as really varied, nourishing, healthy, and delicious. Sophie Magill created one of the lunches and then talked about all the delicious dishes and ingredients, one of the highlights for the guests.  

The retreat offered excellent value for money, two exercise classes and two workshops included each day, plenty of food and snacks plus the pool and spa facilities were an added bonus, contributing to the overall experience of relaxation and pampering.

Guests at the retreat enjoyed the company of like-minded individuals and formed friendships during their stay. Harriet, the host, was praised for her amazing positive energy, as well as her ability to cater to the individual needs and reasons of the attendees.

Additional highlights of the retreat included massages and physiotherapy services, comfortable beds, a spacious house and spa, a games room, and guided walks to explore the sights and beauty of Somerset and a huge goodie bag filled with full size products and gifts.

Overall, Harriet's last retreat was highly recommended by those who attended, and the opportunity to book the second retreat at the best price is now available.

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