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Harriet Bush

Harriet is the organiser and creator of The Pilates and Mindfulness Retreat, she is a qualified Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor and Yin Yoga Teacher. She is passionate about her work plus has an abundant of energy to guide you through your retreat, whether you are coming for one day or four. Harriet will be taking the Pilates classes and Yin Yoga, offering daily massages and is looking forward to spending healing time with you in Churchill 20.


Carlie Pretor-Pinney

Carlie was an integral part of the huge success of the Journey to Joy retreat in February 2024. Carlie fed and watered us all from start to finish and will be doing the same again. Her food was healthy, seasonal, colourful, delicious and her calm energy was much admired and enjoyed by all who meet her. Carlie is passionate about wellbeing and nutrition and is the most fantastic cook. She is also a personal trainer and specialises in walking actively. She also enjoys healthy cooking and painting. 

I feel very blessed to have met Carlie quite soon after moving to Somerton and I am thrilled that she will be feeding us all again in September.


Louise Aylwin

Louise is my wonderful cousin and friend, she is a qualified Physio, Sports Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor who is equally dedicated to her work and clients as me! Louise will be offering Physio, Massage, Dry Needling appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday plus she will be running a workshop on Tuesday morning called Moving with Arthritis/Inflammation.She will leave time for questions and will be around both Monday and Tuesday nights to talk after supper and is a great person to talk. 


Breath Work and Cold Water Immersion - information coming soon. 

Jessika from Luna Flow

Feeling drawn to a Sound Healing session earlier this year, I booked with Jess in Glastonbury and I can't wait for you to experience her Sound Healing session - she is amazing. A gentle meditation first and then she seamlessly blends in the crystal bowls. Afterwards she will share her Oracle Cards and allow time to answer any questions at the end.

Havening Technique - information coming soon. 

Melinda Rushe

I was very fortunate to meet Mel shortly after I arrived to Somerset in Summer 2023. Mel was involved in my first Journey to Joy Retreat and I am thrilled that she will be involved in this one. She will be running a workshop with her 'Coaching Hat' on sharing tools on how to tackle stress, stress management, techniques to deal with stress and build resilience - all part of the Find your Inner Strength day. Mel always talks from the heart and shares wonderful stories with a heart centred approach. A wise yogi once said 'there is no point in being able to touch your toes if you cannot touch your heart' - and Mel agrees. To find out more about Mel look at her website;

Henny Haworth-Booth

I have know Henny for over twenty years and am thrilled to have connected with her when I moved to Somerton last summer. Henny is an Ayurvedic Consultant and runs her own company called Balance You in the Cotswolds. I am so pleased that she is creating the lunch on Thursday, which she will then talk to us about plus after lunch she will be running a workshop about 'Living a Balanced Life' with time for questions afterwards. This day is all about Boosting Your Mind and Body and Henny will share her wisdom from an Ayurvedic prospective.

Francesca Lewis

There is something special about working with sisters and cousins and I am excited to welcome Fran, who is Henny's sister! Fran is an advanced 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher and Advanced Reiki Practitioner. Fran will be facilitating a Yoga Nidra class on Thursday afternoon followed by some Reiki, oracle cards and time for questions. Her calming energy and vide is the perfect end to the retreat and day. 

Instagram; franlewisyoga

Charlie Bush

Last but not least my lovely husband who helps me pack the car, unload and set the house up and then the reverse at the end of the week! Plus he has to listen to all my retreat chat beforehand! Thank you!

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